Bitstamp to stop trading and depositing XRP in January

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XRP is in trouble following SEC lawsuit against Ripple.

BItstamp is the largest crypto exchange to block US customers.

The third largest cryptocurrency is struggling to maintain its price with these claims

The popular BItstamp exchange has announced that it will halt trading in XRP for US clients. This follows an announcement from the SEC that the regulator is pursuing legal action against Ripple Labs .

XRP haters continue to feast on as another crypto exchange stops trading in the coin. After Ripple revealed that it was facing a lawsuit by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for illegal sales of securities, the price of XRP fell.

Soon after, a number of exchanges started removing Cryptosoft from their quotation or halting trading for US clients. The exchanges OSL, CrossTower and Beaxy have all stopped trading in XRP. The Bitwise crypto hedge fund has removed the coin from its wallet. All cited the SEC lawsuit as the reason.

Bitstamp then threw in the towel and announced the end of trading in XRP for its US clients. Bitstamp is the largest exchange to report the news to date.

Following the recent SEC filing alleging that XRP is a security, we will be halting trading and filing of XRP for all US clients as of January 8, 2021. Other countries are not affected. Read more:

On their website , the company announced that it will stop all trading and depositing for XRP on January 8, 2021 at 9 p.m. UTC. US customers will then be able to withdraw XRP, while citizens of other countries will not be affected.

Bitstamp, which has a daily trading volume of $ 500 million , says it will monitor the situation and adjust accordingly.

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Ripple Labs has announced that they expect a trial by the SEC the day before authorities officially release the information. Authorities accuse CEO Brad Garlinghouse and co-founder Chris Larsen of carrying out an „ongoing“ illegal sale of securities .

In the United States, securities must be registered with the relevant authorities, usually the SEC, to be traded publicly. Among the non-securities assets are property and money. Ripple Labs insists that XRP, which is designed to streamline money transfers, is a currency, not a security.

For its part, when the Fed comments on the status of a cryptocurrency, it generally designates it as property. Some frustrations arise with phenomena like Proof of Stake, in which small blocks of rewards might be considered separate taxable events. In the US Congress , there have been some efforts to try to smooth inconsistencies.

In the past, the US government has suggested that it would not consider Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to be securities. In 2019, Larsen and Garlinghouse wrote an open letter pleading with the U.S. government to slow down regulation.

10-årsjubileet för Bitcoin Creators försvinnande

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För 10 år sedan idag var Bitcoins anonyma skapare, Satoshi Nakamoto, senast aktiv online. Ingen vet vad han har gjort sedan dess.

Den 12 december 2010 publicerade Bitcoins anonyma skapare för sista gången på BitcoinTalk-forumet.

Ingen har sett eller hört från honom sedan dess

Det finns ett antal anledningar till varför Bitcoins skapare vill vara anonym.

För 10 år sedan idag var Bitcoins anonyma skapare aktiv för sista gången på ett Bitcoin- forum. Ingen har hört från honom sedan dess.

Satoshi Nakamoto (som kan vara en man, kvinna eller en grupp människor – ingen vet det riktigt) gjorde sitt sista inlägg den 12 december 2010, innan han loggade av nästa dag för att aldrig återvända till onlinevärlden.

Pete Rizzo, redaktören för kryptovalutautbytet Krakens webbplats, gjorde observationen på Twitter lördag. „För 10 år sedan idag gjorde Satoshi sitt sista inlägg i BitcoinTalk-forumet“, skrev han.

Varför har Bitcoin-uppfinnaren Satoshi Nakamoto varit anonym?

Under sin årtionds plus livslängd har Bitcoin gått från att vara en nischbesatthet hos en grupp cypherpunks på anslagstavlor till en av världens största valutor. Ändå är dess skapelsers identitet …

Nakamotos sista inlägg den 12 december handlade om att förhindra Denial-of-Server (DoS) -attacker mot Bitcoin-nätverket.

Tio år senare och Bitcoins pris har berört nya toppar – delvis tack vare investeringar från institutionella investerare och godkännande från högprofilerade företag . Men killen bakom tekniken finns ingenstans.

Skaparen av världens största kryptokurrency har alltid varit anonym, och även om det har funnits många teorier genom åren om vem han kunde vara, är hans identitet och var han fortfarande är okänd.

En sak är dock säker, han har gjort ett mycket bra jobb för att hålla sin identitet ett helt mysterium.

Tron Asks New York Judge to Dismiss 2017 ICO Lawsuit

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The Tron Foundation has filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit by plaintiffs alleging that their $70 million 2017 ICO violated securities laws.

The Tron Foundation has asked a federal judge in New York to dismiss a class action lawsuit alleging securities violations through the initial 2017 Tron coin offering, describing the claims as „fatally flawed.

Chinese developer Blockchain filed a motion to dismiss on December 15, claiming the case is „unconnected“ to New York. The foundation also emphasized that the lead plaintiffs did not participate in the Tron ICO, and that they filed the lawsuit approximately two years after the end of the offer:


„Despite not having purchased during the initial offer or from Tron, the plaintiffs are attempting to form a link between their purchases and Tron’s alleged marketing activities.“


Tron argued that the lawsuit does not allege that US investors participated in the ICO.

The motion also notes that the three lead plaintiffs purchased their TRX tokens through a secondary exchange, Binance, stating that the lawsuit should be dismissed because it appeals to securities laws that do not apply to secondary market purchases.

Tron argued that the plaintiffs‘ decision to buy Bitcoin Rush years after the ICO through a secondary exchange has no connection to the Tron Foundation.

Defendants also dismissed claims that the Tron 2017 white paper was misleading by characterizing TRX tokens as not comprising securities, stating


„This assertion was not even alleged in the original lawsuit, and is nothing more than subsequent litigation.“


The lawsuit was filed on April 3, the same day that 10 other lawsuits were filed in the Southern District of New York against exchanges and crypto-currency issuers, all alleging the distribution of unregistered securities.

Tron conducted its ICO from August 24, 2017 to September 2, 2017, raising $70 million for its TRX tokens, which it described as the native currency of its online platform.